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We make apps.

We've had a few technical issues with this website. Until we fix them, information may be outdated. Thank you for your understanding.

iOS Apps

Simple and intuitive apps for iPhone and iPad, providing you with great experiences wherever you are.

macOS Apps

Easy and useful tools for your Mac to keep you productive and keep your Mac yours.

Python Tools

A set of small Python tools for developers and power users to improve their workflow.


Your Thoughts

Private thought tracker for your depeest feelings.

Privacy first.

Like all of our apps, Your Thoughts puts privacy above everything else. When you type an entry, your data is stored in memory on your device until you quit the app or tap Done. No data ever leaves the app or gets stored on-device.

All you need.

Your Thoughts doesn't do anything that it doesn't need to do. It lets you vent your thoughts, and that's it. There's no extra features: no "helpful" tips, no "smart" coaching, and no way to see what you've entered before.


What's Cooking?

Get dinner done.

You know you need it.

We've all been there - trying to decide what to have for dinner but you don't know what you fancy. Sure, you can flick through a recipe book or have a look online, but why waste your time? What's Cooking allows you to save your favourite meals and then get a random one whenever you're stuck for ideas.

It's quick.

Open the app and your meals are ready. Tap the big blue button until you find something you fancy. Close the app, and cook. Done - no fuss, no unneeded confusion.



Quickly change your system theme.

Quick and easy.

There's no need to fiddle around in System Preferences or do finger yoga with a keyboard shortcut. Just click the icon on the menu bar and change your theme.

Uses little-to-no resources.

In our tests, DarkLight uses <1% of your CPU and <5MB of memory - even when switching themes. You'll be able to run the app in your menu bar and carry on with your normal Mac usage.



Get a direct download link to a Google Drive file.

Perfect for sharing files.

We all use cloud services like Google Drive to share files, but downloading the file can be tricky on some devices. With DriveDirect, you get a direct link to the file without the hassle of loading the whole Google Drive website.

Works wherever you are.

DriveDirect works natively across iOS, iPadOS and macOS, with support for Android, Linux and Windows planned so you can always share files quickly. And if you're using an unsupported platform, there's a Python version available.

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